We are a group of LATIN hardworking, brilliant entrepreneurs just like YOU! ... And our main mission is to be that tool that makes your life easy to achieve goals you never imagined!

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As soon as I finished my electrical engineering degree, I started my entrepreneurship journey and now I am the CEO of a 25 years old company that expanded to 3 countries. I am a tech lover and always felt the need to develop simple software tools to keep up and grow all business opportunities

Without thinking I gathered a team of amazing developers in South America and we launched CRM Here, a tool that is used by all our team without difficulties! My passion is to travel and discover different cultures, I traveled around the globe a couple of times and visited all continents. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, biking, diving, golfing, and drinking good wine! I am sure that many CEOs and teams will be happy to have CRM Here and as a growing company, we will love to hear all about your needs and feedback to serve you in better ways!



I am passionate about Software Engineering, being able to communicate with computers through codes, and facilitate people's daily tasks. CRM here is one of them, a versatile and friendly tool, designed to help sales teams to be on top of every opportunity through a really simple platform!

A basic principle of my development team is "Everything is possible" and "if you dream it, you can develop it".



Creative entrepreneur, passionate about design and fashion! I am in charge of the creative and the front end design of CRM Here! I also write articles telling my story as a CRM Here entrepreneur and my fashion design business. (visit our blog to read more!) I was born in La Paz - Bolivia and I live in Miami!



I am passionate about technology and Japanese culture among others.
Since I was little I loved technology and video games. After some years and not surprised at all I found myself learning all about codes and computer systems.

I love tech because there is always something new to learn, implement and improve in any development. I feel proud to be the lead developer of CRM Here, an online platform developed to help and facilitate the work of commercial teams.

CRM Here will keep evolving and improving as technology advances.

や 、 ま た ね!

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