Founded in 2008 with the aim of serving Latin American customers in their energy quality demands, which cover Infrastructures of: Uninterrupted Energy Systems, UPS; Edge Micro Data Center; Racks; PDUs; Technical Flooring Solutions; VRLA batteries.


The typical Atlantic Power workflow consists of reading each email from more than a dozen different mailboxes, manually sorting them, and replying directly to or forwarding them to an executive. With this email-based process, the Atlantic Power Energy support team was unable to classify and differentiate high priority inquiries from general information questions.


Atlantic Power Energy wanted a powerful support solution with strong email request management capabilities to handle consumer inquiries from a growing customer base.

In the first minutes of acquiring CRM Here, the Atlantic Power Energy team was able to organize all the emails that came to their primary address. Since testing the software, the team has been able to generate specific support emails for requisition requests.


Today, the team has handled more than two dozen requests through CRM Here, proving that based on customer experience and the adecuate set of tools, a powerful competitive advantage can be achieved and delivered. By growing stack of capabilities and refreshing interface in CRM Here, Atlantic Power Energy representatives say they are confident of scaling their customer support, operations and engagement.

“We recommend CRM Here because it is magnificent, the team agents are willing to adapt CRM to the needs of their clients with a 24/7 support”

Fabian Garuzzo
Brand Manager – LATAM

Energy IT Services


Miami and Latin America


  • Problems at management and monitoring of requirements
  • Customer satisfaction
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